How to choose a snowboard for you


Modern skis are improved "big head plate", more flexible and well controlled. Therefore, we now buy skis do not have to follow the traditional straight plate age height plus 10 cm method to determine the length. In general, we should choose the height minus 5 to 15 cm of this length of skis.

For example, if your height is 183 cm, then the length of your suitable skis is between 155 and 165 cm. If you want to pursue flexible handling, choose a 155-centimetre plate length. If you want to simply experience the fun of skiing, the 160 cm plate length is your best choice. In addition, if you want to pursue the speed of stimulation, then choose 165 cm, even equal to height can be.

In the speed of the big turnaround competition, some athletes use a lot longer than their own skis, but advise players to be careful good, they are strictly trained, we can not compare with them.

The length is determined, and then look at the turning radius and the Sanwei. These data are labeled at the tail of the snowboard, such as 106-72-97=14m.

This is said that the widest part of the head is 106 mm, the narrowest part of the waist is 72 mm, the widest part of the end of the plate is 97 mm, the turning radius is 14 meters. What is the turning radius? Because the edge of the modern "big head plate" is curved, the skis are placed on the snow, so that one side of the edge of the blade completely contact with the snow forward sliding, the skis will naturally turn a circle, the radius of the circle is the turning radius. The smaller the turning radius indicates that the skis are more flexible and relatively slow.

Conversely, the larger the turning radius, the less flexible the skis, relatively fast speed. The average skier can choose a plate with a turning radius of 13 to 17 meters. Skiers who have other pursuits can choose skis with different turning radii according to their preferences.

The smallest turning radius is about 10 meters, and the largest is more than 20 meters or even more than 30 meters. Simply put, the wider the plate body of the snowboard, the larger the area of contact with the snow, and vice versa the small area. If you often glide on a naturally noisy snow that has not been crushed by a snow press, you need a large plate area to prevent the skis from getting stuck in the snow. If you're only playing in a ski resort, choosing a normal Sanwei snowboard will meet your needs.

General Kanban waist size can be, plate waist width of more than 80 mm that is certainly for the noise design.

Then there is the hardness and elasticity of the skis. There's no definite rules. In general, skiers with large weight, strong strength and good skills should choose good elasticity and high hardness. It is best for women or the snow to choose a lower hardness. This is relatively easy to control and is more conducive to learning skiing techniques.