The base of the snowboard


Most of the bases are made of plastic materials. One of these two bases is melted, the other is extruded, the melt is dissolved and then cut, they live long, easy to repair. But the plastic skis are slow and have a small amount of wax. The extrusion of the skis is the opposite, they are ground into powder, heated, suppressed after cutting molding. The compression plate is better than the solute plate, stronger, faster and waxed well.

But he is expensive and unfit for maintenance. If you're after a good performance, you should pick a extruded board.

If the budget is tight, you can also choose a blend of plastic skis. Another kind of snowboard is better than the suppression, called the graphite plate, graphite plate in all skis fast, the amount of wax is large. The graphite base is made of polyethylene, with graphite on the plastic particles and then on board.

Such boards are usually dark black, and it is generally graphite plates that can be seen in speed skating. Arch head It is the part that is slightly tilted when you put the plate on the plane. The size and flexibility of the arch are closely related. The higher the arch, the greater the pressure on the plate head and tail. A very flat arch shows that this version of the steering is flexible, so it is suitable for some freestyle sports. For a used board, a flat head also means that the board has been in use for too long. For most new skis, choosing a slightly curved arch can help you switch flexibly during high-speed skiing, and you can turn flexibly even on hard snow.